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I actualy have "all the parts" ..the important ones anyway.. still need all the small bits that take every project over budget (fittings, lines, etc).. the flanges are being cut still too but I can give some insight

turbos: K03 from a 2001 S4
Injectors: 36lb (a little small but they were cheap)
Fuel: 255 Walboro
Intercooler: Godspeed (also cheap)
oil: oil filter relocator kit and b&m oil cooler
cooling: Mishimoto, electric fan, proper shroud and vented hood
motor modifications: arp studs, gasket matched and polished exhaust ports, polished combustion area?
management: MS 2 (depending on when I actually get the fabrication done I might upgrade to something more reliable/just better)
Drivetrain: Clutchmaster stage 3 (they have 8 stages), 2.93 Diff
Exhaust: 1.5 OD .065wall header tube 1,75 OD collector .. gonna try dual 2.5 out the back but well see what happens when we get there..

so all the stuff listed I have, but I just got a job so I need to afford a new daily before I can start having fun... any suggestions on whats best at towing a e30 to the track? lol I was thinkin a imprezza, a 5 series wagon, or a 1 series ...

I recently bought a chinese T28 turbo (its in bad shape), me and a buddy are going to do some bench testing to see if we can make a proper diffuser next to the turbine exit and what modifications to the housing give us any benifit to its efficency .. ( I was reading something on gas turbines and it got me interested)

I dont remember what I used for volumetric effiency but heres what I got for the compressor map: (yes I know I won't make full boost at idle ) and I dont remember which vertical line is at the stated rpm, I did this a while ago

and a few other pics:
right side = before ... left side = after



oil return idea

that guys build:


its a work in progress just got to get that second car first ... and I'll make sure to do a proper writup when I get the ball rolling on fabrication
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