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Originally Posted by South View Post
I know theres alot of these tpyes of posts but nonetheless the advice is appreciated.

Anyway I did a right turn at a red light and gunned it to about 90 going up the hill, put in neutral and cruised a bit. But it was too late, cop already saw me at intersection and he gunned it and pulled me over. Said I was going 40 over but gave me a ticker for going 20 over in a 60 zone.

The ticket doesn't show it was dropped from 40 over or anything. So I mean this 20 over should I just pay? or should I fight it?
If you fight it, you are fighting the actual 40 over charge. If you have a case or follow this site (ASK FOR DISCLOSURE!!!) you could win and get off squeaky clean.

I recommend fighting it, follow this site:

your other option is go on for a first appearance. speak to the prosecutor and they'll drop it to 15 over which is zero demerit points.
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