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I took some pictures of my progress so far. What I need help with now is how to clean the various vacuum pipes and valve covers, what product should I use? Where can I find them and what is the correct way of cleaning these parts. As you guys will see in the pictures the sand like dirt was in the intake manifold itself and I assume that it went directly into the engine as well. What steps should I take now? I need help. In picture 1 the holes I've circled in white I need to know what they are and how to properly clean them as well as what I should use to clean them. Also in picture 1 I've put red lines over the pipes I think could be clogged with the sand like dirt, I would like to know if I should check these pipes and what I should use to clean them and how. And finally the green is the fuel line under the manifold, should i do anything to this? In picture 2 I have circled the sand like dirt that came out of the intake manifold in black. And its a picture of how every thing sits now. I want to clean all the pipes, engine area, manifold MAF, and filter as well as the valves then put every thing back together and see if the car will start, that is my basic plan unless any one on here thinks I should do other steps while I have every thing open.

Please help me on this i'm not too sure where to go from here.
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