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Weird Request: Anyone down to drive my car? lol

I'm ready to get ripped on for this one... Here it goes:

I bought by 2002 325i in July. I drove a few and this one felt the best. It had 120,000km when I bought it - I seriously thought it rode like a brand new car.

I just drove my friends 2003 325i with 160,000km and it drove much better than mine. Her steering feels heavy, mine feels loose in comparison.

I'm thinking it's because she has the sport package and I don't, but now my car suddenly leaves more to be desired and I'm wondering if I need to replace some steering/suspension components.

So, are there any self proclaimed E46 experts who would be down to take my car for a boot and give me an idea of what I may need(if anything) to make it ride perfect again? I'm planing on purchasing a set of coilovers anyway, but I'm thinking it may need more than just suspension to feel tight like the other car.

Again, I know it's a strange request... just figured I'd ask.

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