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Originally Posted by Barnsdale View Post
Do you notice any difference after installing it? I thought about installing one of these for my 325i in the summer and never got around to it
Lol, I sold mine because you just lose power in the summer. The car will bog down on a warm day, especially noticeable when you're sitting in traffic.

Read your intake air temperature with the stock intake, and then the K&N.
Stock will read lower (Hint: colder air is better)

All you're paying for is sound. That's it!

Originally Posted by G12 View Post
Well I took it for a spin just down the road and back. I cleaned my MAF sensor at the same time and I had more throttle response for sure and a bit more power. And it sounds damn killer! Well worth it man, just make sure that the kit you get has the right heat shield, the one I got has no hole for air hose coming from te center of the grill.
Your kit should have come with 2 different plates for the heatshield.
One of them has the hole stamped through it, the other doesn't.

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