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I guess I missed this :-)

Spence is higher priced, at least more then I can give... Example - I have a customer coming over to see a 1.06CT Ascher cut stone tomorrow. G colour, Very Good cut - IF (Internally FLAWLESS stone) - $6000

Now... Keep in mind, I got this stone at an INSANE price, but Flawless for that money - unheard of...

As you can see - I've got several folks who have come to me and have been happy with their experience. Yes, I operate from home - but that means savings for you. I don't have overheads to deal with. Ultimately, it's my responsibility to ensure you have a happy experience - I want you to tell someone else! My entire business is referrals.

If you'd like to talk, PM me...

2007 Z4 3.0si

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