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My E39 540i - Engine Fail Safe Mode?

I haven't posted in a while - but as of late my 540 is giving me all sorts of troubles.

It is quite moody - one day it'll run like a dream, the next day it'll missfire a bit (which it hasn't in a long time though now) and then other days it'll randomly go into "engine fail safe mode"

I do have an exhaust leak post cat, and also have 100cell metallic cats which have been on the car for 3 years with no major problems.

I unfortunately do not have a scanning tool, nor the ability to update the ECU (which I've read on a few forums). I have done a reset but disconnecting the battery, as well as doing the cycle of the key from on to off position in 30 sec intervals, which did help for about 3 hours and the car went back to this mode.

Any help here would be appreciated!
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