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Originally Posted by KIRASIR View Post
Sounds like you have vacuum, spark/timing, or fuel issues. Definitely NOT dirt in your manifold, unless of course, you are not telling us something.
I checked the spark coils/timing and they seem fine and I know for sure its not a fuel issue either. My fuel pump is fine. I'm not too sure what you mean when you say vacuum there is a possibility the "vacuum" could be the problem but i don't know where or what it is or does. The reason why I say there is dirt in the engine is because my intake filter fell off while I was driving (don't even ask me how lol) and I didn't notice for quite a while. After it fell off and i had noticed, I didn't drive the car for about a week waiting on the filter and when I tried starting it the whole rumbling and shaking happened. Any possibility you know how to take off a intake manifold on a 1994 325i?
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