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Hi Guys,

Just a heads up, I will be putting my car up for sale in the spring. I didn't put it on the market or anything as of yet, and you guys here on the forum are the first to know...

I'm looking at buying another car from the states as the dollar is pretty good lately. I'm thinking of buying a 07-08 Aston Martin Vantage V8, and once again hand picked with an exotic/rare package.

Please feel free to PM if you or anyone else you know is interested in my current 2003 Porsche C4S. It is in mint shape and it is currently stored. I am very picky with my cars so everything is in check, clean Carfax, all documented history to the T. I've invested a lot in this car as well in terms of making it immaculate and have put on some expensive yet tasteful oem mods.

Please research the price for yourself before making an offer. I am flexible on the price as well especially when the time is right and I have found the Aston that I want.


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