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Originally Posted by Quack View Post
I didn't want to respond to this idiot because he's to ignorant & arrogant to realize what's going on.

I don't even know where to start, first he doesn't know how to read, I never mentioned a nephew owning a Benz, don't know where he got that from, and it's nice to see that AZ "worked for them" guessing not anymore, most likely got fired, I've been working for Mercedes-Benz for 13yrs on paper, almost 20yrs off the books, so I've Wasted my life working on garbage cars.

Considering you were helping a salesman deliver a car it tells me you are very low on the totem pole, most likely a apprentice, guessing you are 21-22 yrs old, probably worked at Benz for 2-3yrs, real technicians don't help salesman deliver cars that's a job for people that can't do anything else, & also the AUX didn't work on both cars, why the hell are you using the AUX input when both these vehicles have the media cables input using the ipod connector, also did you ever think it's not the vehicle but the ipod itself is faulty, seen that happen like a hundred times, customer thinks something is wrong with the car when it turns out to be his/hers cellphone or ipod that was faulty.

^^ Considering he does it all the time in different models by using those cables in the console, which would be AUX, considering Auxiliary means supplementary or additional input. Therefore you have no idea what your talking about.

oh & what's this about the C63 suspension not raising high enough, it's a little hard to raise a vehicle with a push of a button when the car has steel spring & not airmatic system.

^ so it was an E65, not like it matters, they all look the same, and are built poorly. same goes with the gl550 no 0 at the end OH GOD THE WORLD IS GOING TO END I LEFT OUT THE 0. The black paint sucks, hell, ALL their paint sucks and all the glue leaks out of the doors on the paint. Eat a dick.

AZ you also like pointing out the obvious, like Smitty already mentioned calling diesel cars slow when they weigh like 3 tons is stupid & uneducated, also saying that the V8 motors eat up more gas than a diesel vehicle is pretty obvious, it's like that for all manufacturers not just Benz, and dark colour GLK's take long to cool, why is that specific to GLK's, all dark colour cars are hotter in the summer, thank you Captain Obvious, it's obvious that you haven't been in this industry long enough to realize that all car companies have there faults, no car is perfect, I don't care if you paid $2,000,000 for a car, that car can still have lots of flaws.

^^ It matters because its 124 degrees outside and a white GLK gets colder than any other car ive ever driven. The other colors its mediocre. Even the S class has crap air conditioning.

you can keep talking all you want, but ill just keep using google and my lack of knowledge about other manufacturers and be a brand whore on mecedes' nuts because they sign my paychecks.

^^ fixed.
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