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Originally Posted by bmwm5lover View Post
I am a BB fanboy. I was waiting for the 10, but with the unscertainty and the delays, I got a SG2. Maybe one day if they make a sleeker, better version of the Torch, I will definitely be back ( I hate the touch schreen only phones). I just recently stopped using my 9790.
Totally agree. The Torch is a perfect phone in my opinion, and for many people. Touch screen only is for kids and their appz. The bold is nice, but the screen is too small to be useful for browsing and viewing documents and stuff. The other feature I'm going to miss is the scroll pad ... that thing makes it so easy to navigate.

I'll keep my Torch until it breaks, but it seems that RIM is killing off the two main features that make it awesome: slider and scroll pad. Booooo.
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