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I've been gathering parts to improve mine,Luke box 10" sub enclosure(haven't decided on the rest of the pcs yet),adjustable IE front sway bar,M3 links,16x8 ccw replicas,225-45-16 Z2 starspecs on order at the tirerack,off the shelf trm tune for my M52 combo,ac c/w lines,bracket and condensor etc,carbon intake and rad cover,noyz boys will be redoing the exhaust front to back come spring and from there it heads over to Stance factory for a fender roll,a/c reinstall and go thru the car for issues etc.Once thats done it goes to local body shop here for a respray so it looks nice again.I was planning on new seats but that may have to wait,can't decide what I want and the budget is getting pretty thin.
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