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BB10 is late for many reasons, it is a new OS based on the QNX (Ottawa Company) which RIM bought in 2010, the Playbook is based on QNX but when RIM tried that OS with their smart phones there were major glitches.

Jim, and Mike the co-founders didnt help with their "arrogant" attitudes, Jim is gone now. Mike is not in charge and the new Thorsten Heins hired a bunch of senior management and developers and delayed the BB10 until the bugs were ironed out.

Is Bb10 going to be a Andriod or Apple killer?; probably not but many are waiting for the launch and I think the sales will be much better than what it has been for the last few quarters, and RIM already acknowledged that even with the launch of the Bb10; the next 2 quarters will be weak as well.

The launch of the BB10 is going to be big for RIM( I am sure you read that it is a make or break launch for the company) and I read that RIM is launching it in Dubai first(dont know if this is true)for Dubai has alot of RIM users...

All the arguments that RIM wil be gone are OLD might not like RIM as a company, yes RIM is late from 2009 and dont you think the world knew that?

I, like most has only read or saw from youtube what the BB10 is all about; there are pros and cons written on this product as there are many analysts that has pros and cons on the performance of this stock or the company. my take is RIM with Thorsten running the company will take RIM out of this negative environment with baby step....

RIM will not collapse in the 3rd quarter,however RIM might be bought over in the future, so it will not trade stagnant at $12, I see an upward momentum till the launch date...short or long, one can make a few bucks on this stock..just put a tight stop your own DD

To the OP: (sorry thread hijack), wait and see the BB10.. your choice is, no good.. dont buy,, I am in the same boat.. so I am waiting
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