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Originally Posted by abc12 View Post
so i eventually installed the avg virus scanner, i was surprised how fast it was to scan my whole system, normally expect it to be like over an hour or so, but took like 5 mins or so, is that normal?

and it found 2 virus's or files that appear to be bad, so deleted those since there un-needed files.

just another question regarding my system, when my computer has been running for like half a day, if i have several video's running, like youtube video's and such, the screen will always turn green... after i re-boot it will be fine again until later on, any ideas? thanks
either video card problem or monitor problem. most likely hardware related, maybe over heating.

is this alaptop or a regular pc? is it running for long period of times during other times? E.g. if you left the monitor on for a few hours with your computer on doing nothing will it go green?

if so sounds like mostly a monitor issues.

also what type of screen is it? LED LCD? regular LCD?

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