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Where can i get my G S2 modified/updated?

I don't have the time, energy, knowledge (half the time I have no clue what they are rambling on about) or the desire to read through pages and pages of "how to's" to get the lates ICS on my Galaxy S2 SGH-1727R.
My friend and I have been trying to get xbmc on my phone and we've had no luck with installing 1channel or icefire's directories. XBMC works, but won't connect to the add ons.

We think it is because maybe I do not have the latest software on my phone.
According to the info in the "about phone" menu, I have Android version 4.0.4 on my few month old S2.

Anyway, does anyone know where (or would be willing to) install the latest software on my phone?

I am not sure how to back it up (there doesn't seem to be a desktop manager for Samsung Galaxies like there was for BB), any help with that?

Any thoughts/comments?

Ps. This is the kind of thing that completely confuses the shit out of me
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