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Thanks guys, things are starting to move along again!

Biggest update, Engine mounts are tacked up and my hood closes!!!!!!!

For the mounts i used 3x3 1/4inch square tube. I felt that for the amount of weight and torque that the rb has, i didn't want it sitting that far from my subframe. I felt that welding them to the chasis would be alot safer.

I chopped the shaft and did a quick test fit. i also wanted to see if everything lined up. I dont have a lot of room to look under my car at the moment so im going to eye ball it. So far everything looks pretty good :up:

I removed the heater box tubes and was able to push the motor back close to an inch. The only issue so far is that the starter side of the tranny will hit the firewall, and the speed sensor hits the tranny tunnel. Im going to mark where they hit tomorrow so i can persuade them when the motors out. Other than that nothings really "too" close to anything besides the dp.

This is where the shifter sits now, a little trimming will have to be done.

Because the motor sits so far back now, i dont think ill have much room to play around with a brake booster. Instead, i think im going to go with a wilwood pedal cluster. Ill be running manual brakes from inside the car, This should also help me with the clucth seeing as the master and slave are different bore sizes.

This is how she sits now

My wiring harness will also be done tomorrow thanks to a buddy of mine! Ended up costing me only 175 bucks. IF i can some vacuum and boost lines figured out, as well as my fuel lines ill hopefully start it this week. Might as well see if it works while its under warranty.

Thanks for watching so far!
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