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Cooling System Refresh - Recommendations

Im planning on doing a cooling system overhaul in a couple of months, was looking around and found this kit:

Now, i have read a couple of conflicting posts with regards to which components to use when replacing your cooling system some argue aftermarket some say stock and it goes on. Then again if an OEM part failed and is prone to failure why replace it with the same part right? My only problem is I dont know which OEM components are good and which ones are not so good.

I would just like to hear from ppl who have already done an overhaul and what components to go with and why - what other components would you change? And what would be an estimate price of installation.

Breakdown of parts in the kit (copy pasted just for reference):
Water Pump

- Hepu - 11517527910

Upper Radiator Hose

- Rein OEM - 17127510952

Lower Radiator Hose

- Rein OEM - 11531436408

Antifreeze Concentrate

- Genuine BMW - 82141467704

Expansion Tank

- Behr (OEM) - 17111742231

Expansion Tank Cap

- Behr (OE Certified) - 17111742231

Thermostat w/ Housing

- Wahler (OEM) - 11537509227 (x2)

Two Fan Shroud Clips

- Genuine BMW - 17111712963 (x2)

Dual Temp Auxilliary Fan Switch

- FAE - 13621433077
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