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Originally Posted by jabela View Post
Vibration could be worn out motor mounts. Were those replaced?
Definately not mounts, it's not running correctly even at idle. I'm familiar with what bad mounts are like, and while this work was being done I had a good look at them, they're in excellent condition.

Originally Posted by Blackedout95 View Post
Curious, what has the cost been and who did you have do this work?
My dad and myself have done the work. Cost has been a bunch of gaskets, set of bolts, some helicoils, a bunch of vacuum hoses, fuel filter, FPR, new Vanos seals, a lower rad hose, coolant, oil. Between $300 and $400.

We bought a fuel pressure gauge and and have created a rig to hook (regulated flow from) the compressor up to the manifold to check for leaks. Will report back on those findings tomorrow.

Originally Posted by TSI View Post
This may sound daft, but have you checked the ignition? I've had a hidden crack in a spark plug lead give misfires before.
Not really sure how to do that without replacing the loom? The ignition wires really do look to be in excellent shape and were minimally disturbed during this operation; they all remained in their rail. All the coils offer equal resistance and moving them has no effect on the running, nor does changing/moving plugs. Can you offer any suggestions for testing / diagnosing this?
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