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E30 Rear Subframe and tire wear

Hi All,

So this past spring I ripped apart the back end of the wifes E30 325i.
Put in all new bushings, brake lines, fuel lines ect ect.
Now I'm noticing her new tires aren't wearing very well.
I took the car for an alignment after the new back end as I also did new tie rods at the same time and everything came out with in spec.

I noticed the other day that the new subframe bushings aren't sitting properly. There was an un-even gap between the bottom of the bushing and the subframe.

It appears as though the bushings are sliding up and down in the subframe.

Has anyone else experianced this issue before?

I'm going to pull them back out and "glue" the back in place with a bushing lube they use when assembling new vehicles.

They are OEM bushings as is everything else on the car.

I also noticed thanks to the PO that the washers(spacers) that go between the top of the bushing and the body of the car are missing. I'll also be installing those if I can get my hands on a pair.

Hoefully that should solve my strange tire wear.

The car is lowered thanks to the PO but its not a significant drop at all, not enough to cause awkard tire wear.

Its the inside of the tire as if there is too much toe.

Has anyone else experianced similar issues with E30's? If so how did you remedy the issue?


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