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Step one: brought back a life long second owner California E30
Step two (current step):
Treehouse racing control arm bushings
New control arms x2 (lemforder)
New tie-rods
Rebuilt injectors
Valve adjustment
Timing belt/waterpump/tensioner
Black leather interior
Re-installed stock radio
Removed aftermarket alarm
Antenna gourmet
Euro smileys
Bilstein touring shocks and struts
173 ECU
New odo gears
Derlin shifter carrier bushings
Both Transmission seals
Motor mounts
Transmission mounts
Strut mounts front and back
Glove box handle/lock
Exhaust hangers middle and back
Catback gasket x2
CV boots inner and outer
Subframe bushings
Trailing arm bushings
Shifter joint
Differential mount
Sway bar links
Oil filter housing plug (revised design from the dealer)
T-fitting for the spray nozzles
New wipers
Shifter boots (the actual boot and the rubber boot below it)
Window regulator
Door seal
New fluids front to back (diff, transmission, engine, coolant, etc).
Time-sert kit for the oil drain plug
Turn signal stalk
Rear sway bar links
Spark plugs (NGK)
Reverse light switch

Thats all I can remember off the top of my head, I am sure im forgetting a bunch of other stuff.

The majority of the stuff listed did not have to be done because of failure, but considering I have a garage to work in, and it is stored for the winter, it gave me the opportunity to completely overhaul it.

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