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I've got a modest list of things I'm going to be doing.

-Z3 steering rack swap with Ground Control spherical tie rods
-Solid LCABs (unsure which yet)
-New wheel and tire package
-UUC DSSR install
-Brake maintance (new rotors/pads/fluid)
-Misc. body work. (An at home garage paintjob or vinyl wrap)
-Rebuild and balance driveshaft.
-Replace engine mounts with polyurethane bushings
-Install new plug wires

And lastly, toying with the idea of doing a Ground Control c/o setup now or waiting it out a bit. It's something that needs to happen before I get the motor work started, but I'm not sure if the budget will allow it right now. My thought is I'll be doing an alignment in the spring because of the steering rack so why not get the coil overs in there and corner weight it while I'm at it. That said, I'd like a daily driver so I think holding off a bit would be wise.

... I might start a project log once I get rolling but I don't fancy rolling around on cold concrete so I probably won't start until after snowboard season in March.

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