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Originally Posted by c-bass View Post
I just bought some viper blades that I thought were the Bosch Icons, but I wasn't paying attention and ended up with the Evolutions. There doesn't seem to be much difference from what I can see. On the Bosch site their propaganda claims 40% longer lasting....

I had some Icons before and I wasn't very happy with them, but after doing some further research, there really aren't many choices out there.
Thx c-bass, that was exactly my conclusion, you either get something specific to BMW or you buy non-OEM and toss the plastic covers or just buy refills.

I ended up buying some neoforms from partsource and that seemed to stop the shuddering. One thing about other wiperblades, you need to get blades that fit the width of the BMW connection(blade arm to the blade itself) otherwise you will get major shuddering and skipping.

I put the plastic covers and saved them in case I decide to get OEMs again.
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