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I have a 97 e36 convertible that I've been driving around with my summer tires hoping that we'd have one of those snowless winters like last year....

Boxing day I decided to crawl out of the house and hit up a mall for no good reason. Made my way to Sherway Gardens. I spent a few hours inside the mall, noticed there wasn't anything interesting going on and figured I'd head back as closing time was approaching. I step outside only to be greeted by the season's first winter storm.

I'll say this much.

I've driven a LOT of cars in my time, many of those in various states of disrepair and lack of maintenance, but this is the first time I remember feeling like I had almost no control of the vehicle. Pretty sketchy driving watching the ASC blink most of the way back to downtown and ABS kicking in each time I tap the brakes.

IMMEDIATELY after that I got online and started looking for some winter tires and came across a set of Gislaved Nord Frost 3 on some 16" BMW steel rims.

With some proper winter tires this thing drives like a totally different vehicle and I don't see anyone having issues controlling these vehicles.

Like Iverson03tj said, ease off the gas a bit and you should have no problems getting around.
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