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Ok. So Benz, they have a TERRIBLE transmission. as soon as you release the gas pedal, it pulls the car slower redcing the ability to "coast" on the highway. and they decelerate FAST. I drove all the Benz' (except the G class) from 2008-2012 and they ALL do it. Only one I didnt feel it in as much was a 2009 E class. The GL is an american made chunk of poop, and all Benz get mediocre gas mileage for an "advanced" auto manufacturer. The parts are way more expensive, they are more prone to rusting, they make it as hard as they possibly can. The Bi-turbo S class V12 has 2 spark plugs per cylinder, so thats 24 spark plugs the dealer charges you between $8 and $25 PER PLUG!. They dont produce as much power as they can. A SRT8 6.4L hemi has more power than a C63 AMG and it costs less, and has a lot less of the computer crap that takes up space and weight.

And paint.... oh god the paint.... Go LOOK at a black benz, and you just scratched it. the wind blows and they scratch. and there isnt a SINGLE new Benz on ANY showroom that doesnt have little clear coat bubbles from the manufacturer. they look like little tiny white spots. Most visible on black cars, grey cars, blue cars, maroon cars, and any medium/dark color they have.

Detailing a black Benz not only costs more, but it takes more time. 2 hours for a black Benz, 1.5 hours for other Benz colors, and 4 hours for Sprinters.
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