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Yeah, she is about 650lbs with all cast heads and block. Heads are about 80lbs each lol gonna probably go with some 440 X-flow aluminums though... Trim some fat.

But if the rear end can handle that. I may do the same.... But I would advise you to steer clear of the Ford parts. The 9" is only most commonly used because the parts are cheap and the third member comes out easy for ratio changes, but they are not as strong as other options that I would advise more. That's why I'd do a D60 or D70 if I was gonna do a 4-link and a solid axle. I only wanna do it once and not make pretzels out of ford parts lol

Yeah the engine was a wired one... I bought it for a Dart show car I had that had a modded 318 but I had a different E36 sedan at the time and wanted to do it since. The carb makes it a bit easy. Rip out all the computer stuff and sell it and done lol! Just need gauges and lights. The LS series is nice but once you make good power the MPG sucks... Put a corvette 350 in my brothers truck with roller cams and all that, barely around 415hp.... And it gets 8 city..... Molar has the best balance. The modded 318 dart was getting 18 city and it went down often from having too much fun lol

So what did you do for a driveshaft? Did you still use the rubber bits or just go for a solid one?
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