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so i went with the fenders, both fenders primed black, for $190, just waiting until the new year because they had to be ordered.

Since i took out my stereo and put m gauges in to replace it, i was thinking i should remove all og the speakers and such, but thinking again it might get a little boring drivin long distances without any music...

soooo pretty much what ive done, instead of having my phone - head unit - amp - speakers, ive wired my phone - amp - speakers, removing the stereo completly.

my thoughts were that the stereo pretty much just bypasses the input of my phone directly to the amp, soooo y have the head unit at all?

i have a four channel kenwood amp, and ive pretty much went from a 3.5 phone jack to double RCA's... ill post a pick and maybe a vid withsome sound tonight. sounds alright toooo


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