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Originally Posted by T.Dot_E30 View Post

2) AWDs will cost more to maintain 3) burn more gas and 4) replacement parts are sometimes harder to find/more costly. A set of snows are cheap when you start taking these costs into consideration.

There are a lots of valid reasons or preferences for AWD, but I don't think trying to avoid snow tires due to costs is one of them. Must/some accidents happen due to failure to stop, which AWD won't help you with.
Where do you come up with this shit?!?

cost more to maintain? why how .. its exactly the same car with some changes to the diff and other parts here and there. How many people cry about the awd system breaking down? I havent seen one on this forum since I got here 7 years ago

burn more gas? how much more .. I got 9.8l/100 from my E46 330xi and now I get 9.4l/100km in my e90 325xi .. how much more are you saving please enlighten me on the massive gas savings your getting .. lets do the math

replacement parts are harder and more costly? .. I don't know what others have told you but BMW doesn't put magical golden unicorns or platinum plated crank shafts in a car just because it has an XI badge. Please show me these magical parts you speak of..
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