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Originally Posted by AZ_E36 View Post
im going with a Big block in mine so it was good to see how your engine sat in there and everything.

but one big question.

Why did you reuse the BMW diff instead of putting a solid axle under the back?

for mine im going to do a Dana 60 shortened for a mini-tub. I dont trust the BMW half shafts with my horses lol
I reused the BMW rear end because it can take up to about 450HP before something breaks. The ratio, 3:23, also gives me the same final drive as a c5 corvette. If I ever need to strengthen I would simply change the ring gear and get built half shafts which should protect it up to around 600-700. If I needed anything beyond that I would think about picking up the samburg rear subframe and a ford 8.8/9. With some minor modifications and pulling the fenders you can some pretty wide tires on. If you invest in good tires grip wont be your problem. But in the end it depends on your application I built for road courses more than anything else.

A carb'd BB E36 would be cool but I think you will find the tolerances will be much tighter once you get the motor near the body than in my build. I never looked into the BBC for the swap but I believe its heavier and physically larger than the SBC and LS Gen III.

There is a guy with an 8 series and a 305 or 350 (cant recall exactly) somewhere in the GTA. From time to time he will show up to the Trillium Autosaloms.
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