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Originally Posted by Something View Post
Hi everyone,

Googled, "BMW Toronto Forum" and ended up here, looks like a great community! I'll just right away to my question as I'm sure you guys are busy with the holidays and don't want to read super long threads!

Right now I drive a Corolla (I know, I know), saved up some money and thinking of buying myself a BMW probably end of March, start of April.

I'm ready to spend $30,000 and the maximum I can probably go is about $32,000. Now I was thinking that if I can find a BMW for $35K maybe even $36K, I can try and lower it to $32K, which would be pretty sweet!

I am NOT a car enthusiast and don't know anything about cars (I know sad, but no time) and not sure which model to get, etc.

Now I looked at AutoTrader and I found some pretty nice 335i's (2010). I don't think my budget will allow me fora 2011+. What do you guys think of the 335i's of the year 2010?

Are BMWs sorta like civics (and I DO use this term loosely) where 2009 might cost more then a 2010 because 2010 is known for tons of errors and malfunctions?

All replies are welcome!

Cheers and happy holidays!

I think your better off buying a car around the 20-25K range .. leave the rest for mods or fixes after you get the car (Never know what you will need in the end depending on how good the car was taken care of).

Shop around online a lot .. there will always be a good deal once in a while. I recommend test driving a few different models before deciding.
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