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Originally Posted by AZ_E36 View Post
When did I single any member out? Exactly. Your just taking it up the ass because you know that by my criteria you would be driving a Prius.

All I said was. Don't be a lame ass poser ((apparently like a few here who are getting their thongs in a knot)) and know about your car beyond what a brochure says.

I work on cars as a profession. That's how I pay my bills. Rich kids in bimmers. But god forbid I try to get them to save money by doing it themselves while taking business away from myself.
Your thinking is completely moronic. Do you know how to butcher your own meat? grow your own vegetables and raise your own cattle? If you don't, don't bother eating anything.

OP, you should keep in mind the costs associated with owning a bimmer. But remember, when you drive something that puts a smile on your face all the time, who cares what kids from Arizona say!
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