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Originally Posted by Eurostyle View Post
So what you are saying is everybody should be allowed to part out, make money, but still pay NOTHING!? What business school did you go to?
This is why FREE sites exist; use Kijiji and Craigslist for that.

So a good forum is judged by the amount of things people sell!? How about Tech, Rides, and ALL the other topics discussed!? Shouldnt it be more about the quality of material AND the people on a forum!?
i'm saying that cars should be allowed to be parted out on a CAR forum. i'm talking from an enthusiast point of view, you get that? not talking about your masters in business school. i'm talking about cars on a car forum. nothing personal against you, but if you wanna make it personal; sure, i have my holidays off.
when i start an engine, wheels, drivetrain and other parts company, can we also ban those stuff from being sold? i'll be paying too.

a good forum is judged by the amount of traffic, classifieds, tech support and everything. lets be real for once here, there are other BMW forums that have a SOLID tech section, ride and styling section, traffic and such. BFC. i usually get here for local parts. ....oh wait vendors protection act is in the way. 'you can now hit the door titeuf, no soup for you'
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