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Originally Posted by Bimmeup View Post
Jeff, can you provide the name of your salesman. I'm looking at a car there. I am very skeptical but since it's a BMW at a good price I'm obliged to check it out. I am hoping to get out of my Nissan and into something nicer preferably with AWD.
Yes, his name is Stan. Decent guy and knows his stuff. We put about 7k on the vehicle now, aside from a few bulbs burning out everything is working perfectly. We really like our purchase. But again, if you buy anything from any Indy dealership, always get a inspection done.

BTW, I love the Xdrive. The other night when we had a bit of snow mixed with Freezing rain, the 328xi drove great. I'm really impressed with the traction. Stopping is another issue of course but I used the DS and downshifted to slow the car down. I recall pulling up to a light in the right lane next to a Dodge Challenger with a Hemi (I could hear the rumble of that sweet sounding V8). Light turns green and I accelerate like I normally do with alot of confidence, I could see the Dodge struggling to get traction. When I bought the car I dumped my run flats and am just using normal Cooper all weather tires and they seem to work great (the entire reason I wanted a xdrive).

Good luck !

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