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Originally Posted by jabela View Post
I have one of these stubby modules, which fits nicely in our cars without interfering. I just leave it in all of the time, and have it tied into my smartphone. You can read and reset ODBII codes, but also log lots of other info like coolant temp, rpm, etc.

I also bought a modified diagnostic cable to use INPA software with. I got it from gleech

INPA is very powerful. You can program modules, reset adaptations, see BMW specific codes, etc.
Thanks, what smartphone do you have, I have a BB - and from owning it for a while i know that all BB apps are pretty bad, but i like the idea of leaving it in all the time: you dont need to worry about the cable or even bring the laptop to your car.

As for INPA is it available for download somewhere or do you need to purchase it? Just out of curiosity what kind of changes/settings have you programmed - so far?
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