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Originally Posted by jabela View Post
You can save a ton of money if you do the work yourself. Brakes are one of the easiest things to do on your car. There's plenty of DIYs to help you out.

Brake bleeding is super easy as well. You just need your wife to pump the brake for you.

If you're OK ordering from the USA, or can go over to pick it up, here's a great source for brake parts.

However, I get my parts from amazon. I track these parts with no issues. No issues on the street either. Even has a bit less brake dust.
I get 60-80,000km out of the rotors, and pads depend on how much I track.

330 front rotors

330 front Stoptech pads

330 rear stoptech pads

330 front rotors

330 rear rotors
Thanks for the detailed post, i was really pressed for time so took my car to RMP for the brake job (great service by the way).

As i learn more about the car will start doing things myself.

Once again thanks everyone!
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