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Originally Posted by T.Dot_E30 View Post
I think the confusion was when someone stated you needed a safety for a temp permit. Which based on the ministry site, you still don't assuming the ownership is currently fit when sold to you.
Exactly. ^

To transfer ownership -> only bill of sale/old ownership is needed (the car title can be anything including SALVAGE/IRREPARABLE).

To get temporary permit -> the title has to be either REBUILT or NOBRAND, and the ownership needs to be already transfered to the new owner. You only need proof of insurance and sale. Don't need safety nor emission. If title is SALVAGE then you need structural cert, safery, and emission certs to change the title to REBUILT.

To get valid plates -> title must be REBUILT or NOBRAND and safety/emisison certs must be presented to MTO.

Also, the only real way to lower taxes is to get an apraisal that is less than the book value of the car. If I remember correctly any registered dealer can sign/stamp this paper.

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