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Originally Posted by madonthemike View Post
Thanks StraightSix! Now my next question would be where do you buy your parts from? Do you get it from a dealer? Which online vendors are good?

I did watch a few online videos and it seems fairly simple, the only thing im not sure of is the brake fluid bleeding part, if im only replacing the rotors and pads do i need to bleed? Im not touching the calipers.

Once again sorry for all the questions.
Stay away from the dealer! You have a lot of choices for vendors. If you want to avoid shipping costs, there's autopartsway. In the US there's BMAautoparts, FCPeuro, ECS tuning, etc..

If don't feel confident bleeding, then just swap the rotors and pads yourself first then take it to an independent shop for the fluid change (they can probably bleed you clutch too since it operates under the same hydraulic system.)

Originally Posted by madonthemike View Post
Well i just want the brakes to be replaced with somthing of the same quality as the factory brakes it came with, while i do agree that some shops use cheaper brakes - there are a few that will do a good job with quality equipment (based on what i read). I guess it all depends on how much you are prepared to spend.
The brands I listed above perform identical to OE standards.
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