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Originally Posted by Blackedout95 View Post
Dealers have a set package pricing on brake jobs, most bmw shops like the one I am at also use that pricing as a guide because we only recommend the OE be used. You can get it done cheaper at a garage but that is with aftermarket rotors/pads. I have yet to see a cheaper aftermarket pad/rotor outlast or last as long as the OE so... if you can live with possible shake rattle and roll to save a buck, good luck.

I know some here will say not ture, that's fine, just going by what I have seen day in and out.
Well i just want the brakes to be replaced with somthing of the same quality as the factory brakes it came with, while i do agree that some shops use cheaper brakes - there are a few that will do a good job with quality equipment (based on what i read). I guess it all depends on how much you are prepared to spend.

What brands do you use at your shop? Also would you be able to provide me with a price for a complete brake job?
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