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So its about time I finally got some work started, so before I did anything serious I needed to wash the exterior and clean up the inside of the car cause it was filthy, I got the exterior just about right just waiting to give it a nice polish and a nice coat of wax, but today I just planned on swapping the expansion tank and water pump.

First I removed the air box, radiator things that would get in my way when I am replacing the expansion tank and radiator.

You can find straight forward diy's to take out the water pump but just make sure you have m6 bolts to help push out the water pump because it will be sealed in there tightly.

old vs new water pump

Got so angry when my brother put coolant leak sealant through the expansion tank to "try and fix" the leaks, the stuff doesnt work, just leaves a big fat mess, definitely needa run a coolant flush to clear out the system.

Picture of the water pump housing

So just put my new expansion tank beside the old one, really should change these things early if they are leaking, causes the biggest mess.

And basically in removal of taking the water pump out I snapped one bolt, even with using a 1/4 ratchet and the slightest force, oh well, waiting til tomorrow to go by bmw and buy 4 new bolts.

Note to self: When working on this car, expect everything to go wrong. lmao

A wise mechanic once told me, "working on cars is like sex, you have to know where to touch and how to push."

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