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Mods -- More FS thread grief

Hey guys.

I really think the FS advertising in the tech sections has to stop. Regardless if its supporting vendors or private sales or companies with no Max affiliation, to my knowledge FS threads belong only in FS sections. The point of this is to have one place that people can look to see all the items up for sale. For some reason, it appears that group buys and some other vendors have been exempted and it looks to be common practice to post once in the FS section, then copy the same ad into the group buy section, then copy it again into e30, e36, e46, e90, etc tech sections and bump them all at various intervals. This leaves over half a dozen threads with the same content that are active and being responded to.

Obviously a series specific section is great when gauging interest in a product or setting something up in the beginner stages, but companies running all-out business advertising there is a little much--especially when they have already been granted access to supporting vendor or group buy sections where they can indulge in a low post volume and have their products at the top all the time.

The addition of the classifieds Mod has been great and he does an awesome job, but to my understanding doesn't have jurisdiction over non-classified sections.

Personally, it's really annoying to be reading through the new threads and have to skim over 20 topics that are really just 3 FS threads repeated 6 times each. If this was happening all in one FS section, it would be stopped as spam.

Just my $0.02

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