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Originally Posted by 740-iLL View Post
NOT an authentic Alpina.

Look at the interior
You're probably right, but I'm not sure you can say definitively based on that interior picture. You can generally order an Alpina any way you want, including with a "standard" non-Alpina interior. I'm not sure why you would, but people did it

Although it would usually still have the Alpina gauges, this one doesn't, and it will certainly have the Alpina numbered plaque which (if I recall correctly) is up top on a B12.

I hear it's pretty common in Japan to create fake Alpinas, and usually they're more convincing. If you put together the standard looking interior, no Alpina wheels, no engine bay shot showing the Alpina intake manifold, and so on, it's about 99.9% this is a fake. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if it's not even an 850.
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