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Originally Posted by SamE30e View Post
You can't transfer a car over in 'fit' state unless it has a safety with it...

So you need a safety.... Then you only have the temp till you get a e-test.
No need to repeat yourself, I understood what you typed. What I'm pointing out or saying is that the requirements for a temp permit doesn't list a safety on the ministry website.

The only exception/requirement is that:
(the current vehicle permit, indicating that the vehicle’s status is “Fit.” If the vehicle permit is not registered in your name, the back of the permit must be completed and signed by the previous owner)

What I take that to mean is if you are buying a currently fit car, you can get a temp plate/permit, assuming you have all of the above. What it doesn't say, is in that scenario, is the car then registered as fit or unfit? Either way it doesn't matter because your are able to get a temp permit without a safety certification or etest.

Did you read the link?
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