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To summarize it.. Selling inferior health products at an inflated price to uneducated people by promoting it as a 90 day health challenge. You also consume these shakes and foods to aid in your fitness goals.

-You spend $500 dollars on your health products and assemble a team of 3 sales reps that sell as well, they get 3 people, etc.. etc.. it builds like a pyramid as suggested.
-You also want as many people as you can get who just want to buy product and not be sales reps. This entitles you to free product for yourself.
-The more reps you get under you the higher your rank. If you're aggressive you can get "BMW certified" in about 3 months (a $700 monthly credit towards your less than 5 year old BMW)

Some people make a killing doing this and like the lifestyle, enlisting parties, huge conferences that are for partying, just straight partying etc..

If you speak to any sport nutrition store they will explain to you why Visaulus products are inferior to real supplements, the proteins used are not as good etc.

The chocolate chip cookies are the most delicious cookies I have ever had though so that's one positive. But no, I do not participate in Visalus.

FYI, Blyth, the parent company rose about $17/share to $45/share when Visalus had a buzz a few months ago and then tanked to under $17/share where it currently sits.
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