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Originally Posted by ZiMMie View Post
Not Even Close Dinan made 100+rwhp, and it still comes with factory warranty.

this is just dinan, there are other well known companies out there that offers this platform with a better motor sold with factory warranty than this flashy junk.
Dinan engine makes 109hp/l, stock M3 engine makes 104hp/l. Not exactly a great improvement. Also you do not retain factory warranty. Dinan matches factory warranty on Dinan parts if you car is still under the original BMW warranty.
So lets say you get Dinan engine and you transmission blows. Dinan will not cover your transmission. BMW will blame more powerful engine for the failure. You are SOL.

Originally Posted by richie_s999 View Post
A modern v8 should not be maxed out around 400hp.
V8 come in different shapes and sizes. Of course a modern 6l V8 should not max out at 400hp, but for a 4.0l engine 414hp is pretty respectable. If you want more, get a Porsche 911 GT3 4.0 RS or a Ferrari, but get ready to spend 3 times the cost of an M3.
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