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Originally Posted by SamE30e View Post
Wooooooooo. I just read the majority of this thread. Nice job Rudy!
Thanks Sam! I'm pleased to say that I am getting some progress on the cage again too! My new goal is to have the cagework wrapped up by Christmas time!

So... as far as updates go, I've acquired a replacement chair to sit in for this car, and it comes in the form of a Recaro. A Recaro SPG to be exact, and in great shape. Much thanks go out to Kurt for hooking this up!

I'm pleased to say my welding is coming along much more confidently... although I did try Tig welding for the first time last week at the PRI show at the Miller booth and promptly embarrassed myself... It is something I definitely want to develop more skill for as I am always envious of those that can lay down some killer welds. I guess I'll settle with my Mig work for now

So here are some half finished base plates for the front section of the cage. Going to fit them tomorrow, and drill some holes for the bolts to pass through.

The first of the A pillar bars fabbed up (actually I cheated, as it's a leftover from another cage project in the shop, and it fit the '02 relatively well, so I bent it a bit more and voila!) and starting to get the sleeve positioned up so I can see how it connects with the main hoop

And lastly, a shot of the fitment against the car. Pretty good so far! It will be a smidge higher when completed as its only sitting on one base plate for now. Hopefully I can complete this side by this week, and start bending the second A pillar bar... unfortunately, the car may have to be rolled outside for this as space is limited in the shop to maneuver these long lengths of pipe! Hopefully the weather is good towards the end of the week/weekend!


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