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Originally Posted by Aero View Post
Thanks for the input, Arek! Indeed, the hoods will have the OEM-like flanges along the left and right sides. Also, a stiffener pattern will be used, with the core material being a special polyester 'volumizer' designed just for the job.

I wasn't aware that the e46 hinges would be preferable. I haven't finalized how I'm going to interface with the rear hinges yet, so I'm sure we can make it work with the e46 ones. The front will be hood-pin only; no support for the OEM latching mechanism.
Agreed on the hood pins ... for a light hood it's the only way to go. Definitely look into the e46 hinges. I'll give a set to Shawn tonight (if he finally shows up at the shop )

Also, wanna talk to you about some front aero mods I have in mind. Need some idea verification, and maybe a prototype built.
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