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I dont see forecloser for rates wil remain low till 2014, at least
Condo wil still sell for houses are selling beyond what 1st time buyer can afford...

Dow is performing much better than the TSX for the past year (look at the DOW index 13 thou plus).

Peter Schiff is a doomsayer, he was wrong in predicting gold, gold has came down from its high of 1900 to 17 plus...look at all the Gold producers, their stocks has took a beating.. silver is performing better ..

Gold is an hedge against US dollar but it is not true anymore, some days you see weak US and weak Gold futures.

So as an investor what do you do?

buy low.. sell high...

buy all the banks(TD,BNS,RY, i like BMO, CIBC) (but dont buy now, it is pricey)

dont buy oil but buy pipelines, (Enbridge, TRP, Inter pipe line)even if oil is low, they still need pipeline to transport
TRP(transcanada pipeline Obama will approve this, this term)

buy gold etf(XEG)

buy reit(RIOCAN, too rich now)

and finally buy a lot of RIM...remember Apple at $8, it is $600 recently...

and buy Lotto never know...
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