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Originally Posted by sirex View Post
Really, like what taxes? Where exactly are us Torontonians saving in tax dollars?

You realize, for every tax that is cut, a program has to be cut too to make up for it?

Is he above the law? Did Rob Ford come out and oppose the new tough on driving laws in Ontario?? No he didn't. Therefore he should obey them. He is in office after all. It might not be HIS law, but he's a politician and I don't see him actively fighting it.

A driver costs the city $58,000.. But that is one more person employed, who is likely to spend that money in the same community buy goods and services. That means more people need to be hired by corporations to service these people. The more people we have working, rather than be on welfare, the better off we are.

Die hard conservative over here. You're 23-25 and you hate liberals? That's pretty ironic. The same government that is keeping you from getting gainful employment doing something useful with your life, is the same govenrment you support? How does that make any sense.

The same conservative government that cuts taxes for the rich and the corporations, and yet, they siphon that money out to China. Ya, great.

You don't get it. He was kicked out because the people he told to have donate were people LOBBYING the government. Because when council voted for it, HE ALSO VOTED FOR IT.

That's like being put on trial and having a voice in the jury. That's not wrong in your eyes?

No, I think my kids will be educated enough to realize that telling people who are LOBBYING the government, to donate, is retarded

I didn't even think you were from Toronto. Aren't you from Brampton.
I dont respond to anybody who deconstructs my statement and then breaks it down piece by piece.

trolls do that.
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