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Originally Posted by Aero View Post
I'll be doing a small layup addition of flange reinforcements and mold bracing before I separate it from the plug. Should have it off by the weekend.

Once I get a part pulled from the mold, I'll do an assessment of what an appropriate cost would be to make a small production run feasible. That said, the cost will likely be less than other options on the market, mostly due construction methods and part characteristics that better align with the priorities of a track car. The target weight is 7 lbs. Shoot me a message if you're interested so I can plan accordingly.

- Jamie
Hey Jamie,

Great work so far! Here are some points which I'm sure you've taken into consideration, but just in case:

- make sure there is a perpendicular ridge (1/2" or so) along each side of the hood. This will give it HUGE structural rigidity. We had once without, and it flexed and bent like crazy. V2 was the same, except it had the ridge ... stable as any steel hood. Also a good H pattern of structural foam over teh center to provide stiffness.
- The e36 hood hinges are the worst design in the world ... they crack the windshield everytime if hood is openned too far. The e46 hinges are far superior ... If you could incorporate those into the design, you would save someone's windshild for sure! I have a set you can use for mockups. With a light hood, the wind WILL grab it and break windshields ... been there done that
- Make sure the hinge mount points, and any other bolt-in holes are well secured and reinforced. Nothing worse than blind well nuts pulling out of FG or CF pieces (like on our way too expensive wings)

Keep it up! You know you have at least one customer waiting with cash in hand, and likely a second as well (Luc B).
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