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Investors and Money Makers .. Predictions?

Since paychecks will be reduce as of Jan 1st, 2013 for all house holds and some tax exemptions stop at the end of the year people are predicting the next recession for the USA. Supposedly we will be impacted but not as bad (as they say .. media).

My father-in-law is already seeing layoffs ahead of time for construction in housing/buildings so I predict it will be a bad recession and this one may impact housing prices in Canada. From what I gathered in information this will the 20 year slope (kinda of a sin wave of ups and downs .. '81,'90,'01,'07,) where we will see US spending less which in turn will also effect the economy and businesses. I predict there dollar value might decrease against the Canadian dollar to help spending over the boarder.

Also noticed a great rate for mortgages locked in for 7 years (not 5 or 10 .. but 7 for some reason)

Anyone else ..thoughts? see anything in your field coming up?
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