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E46 320i?

Hi, I am considering a low mileage '02 320i...

I have performed some research on this forum and others - I know that it was a model that didn't make it into the states; therefore, there are limited performance parts for it etc. It also has less HP compared to 325 and 330 models.

I am looking for a general fun car that I could do the odd BMWCCA track day/school with - nothing too intensive. I do not need gobs of power, but I don't want a 'bogged down slouch' either, if you know what I mean. I am only considering a manual gearbox, btw.

Would you advise me to steer away from a 320i, even if the specimen I was considering was awesome? If so, why?

Anything specific to look for, or any funkiness to these particular models?

Mod wise, I may go with a CAI and exhaust, that's pretty much it. I presume they come with LSD already?

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